On November 2014 Microsoft announced their new strategy for the .NET future. The most important part of the announcement was the release of .NET Core 5 as a componentized framework that will be shipped via NuGet. The .NET Core CLR is open source, and supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It's publicly available in GitHub.

In any software development process planning and making knowledge available for the entire team is a valuable resource. With the right information it is possible to reduce confusion among team members. The team needs to know what each member is working on, how the overall project is going, what difficulties are raising and how to overcome them.

Tools like Axosoft helps you and your team to organize, plan and be ready to release your software in an easy way.

We’re happy to introduce Plastic Gluon today, a new Plastic designed with artists in mind. Find all the details here: www.plasticscm.com/gluon.html.

Gluon doesn’t need extra licensing so if you have Plastic you can start using it today.

If you are a developer of Android Apps you are probably very familiar with the many Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) tools that are currently available. Several of the more prominent of these tools include: Android Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. Any one of these tools would be an excellent choice for app development but the IntelliJ stands out because it is less complex and is more user-friendly which appeals to a broader cross section of developers like you. In this article we will take a look at how you can use the IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE tool to create awesome Android apps.

Atlassian's Bamboo is one of the most popular Continuous Integration servers, used by big enterprises and small startups alike. Of course, we released our own plugin to integrate Plastic SCM as a valid repository source in Bamboo quite a long time; however, you might have noticed that it didn't support an interesting Bamboo feature: automatic branch merging.

Well, not anymore. Since our release, we've extended our Bamboo plugin and adapted our client core to provide this option! But don't leave just yet. We'll show you a quick example of how to allow Bamboo to automatically merge your Plastic SCM branches, using our lightning-fast Plastic SCM Merge Machine behind the scenes.

Release BL647 introduced a great step ahead in the way in which branch (and cset) differences are displayed and explained. Now it is possible to understandwhere each difference comes from:

We are happy to announce a new Plastic SCM feature that allows configuring a server with encrypted data.

It means that, in your organization, you can configure a central server where all the data is encrypted. This way, the users who have a specific key, will be able to push/pull data to this server.

It is important to remark that this server is created for replication purposes only. Repositories have all data encrypted. If we directly download the file content to a workspace, we will only see empty files (the data is encrypted).

This configuration could be very useful when your server is accessible from a public network or you just need to be sure that even if a not authorized person access to your server, he will not be able get any information.